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MedicSpeak is a premier international network of doctors and medical students. The objective is to enhance communication, collaborations, exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Keep in touch with your mentors, colleagues and students. Create groups and invite people who share your interests.Join and Expand your Network!
Residency / Fellowship Vacancy and Swap -
The group 'residency vacancy and swap' has a list of vacant resident and fellowship positions in the US after NRMP match. You can also post if you want to swap your residency position for another residency program. The group has a list from all specialities including internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, Psychiatry, radiology and all years (PGY1,PGY2,PGY3,PGY4 etc). This is somewhat similar to 'Find a Resident' of AAMC
Residency interview tips and sample residency interview questions -
USMLE / Residency interview tips and commonly asked questions in the residency interviews can be found in the group 'residency interviews'. It also has postings by medical students who have attended the interviews earlier.
Free Expert Guidance for USMLE -
We have an expert panel who can answer your questions regarding usmle exam procedures, visa, life in US, residency applications. If you have any questions, please post in the USMLE group.
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